Customer Service


We are in tune with the needs of our customersWhat underlines the excellence of Join FX as a currency brokerage Join Consultancy Limited is its ability to anticipate the individual needs of its clients and meet them in the best possible way. We put our experience and our know-how to rid your trader's path of all pitfalls.

Commercial and Technical Support


Join FX provides very high quality trading support to acJoin Consultancy Limited its clients. We help you analyze and understand your trading mistakes in order to avoid them in the future. In addition, our team is attentive to your slightest concern and ready to help.

Easy Account Opening Process


While striving to offer you the best possible prices available in the market, Join FX  ensures the immediate execution of your trades without any delay.

Wide Variety of deposit and withdrawal options


We understand the importance of convenience when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. Each client would like to carry out their deposit and withdrawal transactions by the method that suits them best. For this reason, we are constantly working on increasing other methods of depositing and withdrawing funds; we will make sure that these processes are quick and as uncomplicated as possible.

Market News and Analysis


Stay up to date with the markets with our excellent analysis tools